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Expanding Your Options Strategies Now that you have reached the advanced stages of your options trading education, it is time to start expanding your trading strategies so that you can truly take advantage of the opportunities these markets have to offer.  When we compare options trading to other traditional forms

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Futures Advanced — What Is The Influence Of Central Banks? When we look at the financial news media, some of the most market moving events are driven by central bank decisions. Typically, the stated responsibility of any central bank is to maintain price stability and support the upward potential for

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Bull and Bear Cycles Those with some commodities trading experience have almost certainly come across the terms bullish and bearish.  Upsurges in price activity and commodities valuations are associated with the positive, or bullish, side of the market. Declines in price activity are associated with the negative, or bearish, side

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Candlestick Reversal Patterns Most forex traders that use technical analysis as the basis for their positions spend a lot of time watching candlestick charts. This chart type is useful on a number of different fronts, and one of the best examples of this can be found in the ways candlestick

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